“The Academy of Law and Emergency Services (ALES) created a supportive and personalized learning environment for my son. The curricula combined academic and occupation-related course requirements that showed Bryant the relevance of English, Math, and other academic classes that he was required to take."  

Parent of Academy of Law and Emergency Services Student

This Academy has exceeded my expectations. I look forward to attending class everyday.  Though I’m very fond of the program, I would like more opportunities to learn with an up close view. 

9th grader at Pedro Menendez HS

“The ALES was the main reason I wanted to go to school every day.  Once I graduated and attended the police academy I could not believe how much I already knew from all of my criminal justice classes.   I was better prepared and had set my goals for my career”. 

Bryant Wiggins, Former ALES Student, Current Clay County Deputy


Nease High School

This Academy is great and there is no change that is really needed. It has helped my son really work hard and want to follow a college program that is for Engineering. I would like to say Thank You to all for making this Acadamy avaliable to students.

Nease HS Academy of Engineering

Mrs. Spradley does an amazing job teaching us and is really invested in our sucess and learning.  She is hands-down one of the best teachers at the school and has done nothing but nurture my desire to go into fashion design as a career.

10th grader at Bartram Trails HS

Great things are happening in Jacksonville. Together, the Chamber and their partners have created some of the best processes and outcomes I've seen.

Susan Tidyman

The academy is incredible and is directed and improved by incredible adults and role models.

12th grader at St. Augustine HS

I think the academy is perfect the way it is. It teaches me new things and allows me to work with devices I don't have myself.

10th grader at Creekside HS


Bartram Trails

I think what the academy is doing is great. I have had such a fun time working on these projects and I hope to join again!

9th grader at Nease HS



I wouldnt make this academy any better, because it is already the best it can be.

9th grader at Creekside HS



This academy has been a very good experience for my son. I highly recommend it to all our friends. This knowledge is usually learned in college, but he is getting it in high school.

Parent of TV Production Academy student


Duval County Student Food Truck Project


Pedro Menendez


Ponte Vedra HS

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