Career Academies provide equal access to all students, with multiple pathways for college and the workforce. Teachers work together to integrate curriculum that is both rigorous and relevant to students. There is a direct benefit to your school and the community when your students are focused, motivated... and have marketable skills. And remember, Career Academy students attend college at a higher rate than the general population.

As the global economy continues to shift, the way we prepare young people for success also evolves. By providing internships, job shadowing and professional mentors... along with the skills needed for success in college and at work... we are giving students the best chance to win in the world.

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How to Start, Run and Succeed in a Career Academy

If you are an educator who is either already active with a Career Academy or about to launch one, you will benefit from the resources of the Guide produced by the NEFL Career Academy Council. Click on the link above to review the Guide's chapters and appendices.

Did You Know?

Career academies improved attendance, increased academic course taking, and increased the likelihood of earning enough credits to graduate on time.

[Bryant] is the second person to have graduated from our Law Enforcement academy at Clay High school. During his time in the program he had a lot of input into the direction the program should go in order to attract others. After graduating and going to College he has returned to become a Clay County Deputy and is now part of the new OSS UNIT [Operation Safe Street]. He is living his dream & makes Clay High proud.

Peter J. McCabe, Clay High School Principal

The Career Academy Program positions our students way in front of the typical student going to a typical high school. They have the ability  to interface and network with companies and individuals who work in their interest fields.

St. Johns County Aerospace Academy

This year has been my first experience with the academy and I am already telling everyone I know about it and seeing if they will get involved. I feel like this opportunity is invaluable to all involved and I wish my older sons had this opportunity when they were in school. Great job and I cannot wait for next year!

Vystar Academy of Business & Finance

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