The search for talent continues to be a prominent one and businesses are looking to grow their own.  By partnering with Career Academies, businesses are able to prepare students at an even younger age with the skills of tomorrow while educating students in a particular business’s ‘corporate culture.’

Did You Know?

Career academies increased both the level of interpersonal support students experienced during high school and their participation in career awareness and work-based learning.

There are many ways to involve your business with the Career Academy initiative. Paid work experience is the most important and critical component. By offering internships, mentoring and summer jobs, businesses give students essential work experience and in turn generate an ongoing source of qualified employees in their area.

You also can serve on a Career Academy Advisory Council, be an expert speaker in class, provide a job shadowing experience for students, create teacher externships at your business, serve as a mentor and many other opportunities. To find out more and get started, please watch this video to see what business partners are saying about Career Academies in Northeast Florida!

Career Academies are helping students learn about the world of work. They also help businesses like ours develop the future workforce. Everyone should get involved - businesses, teachers, parents, students - to make sure today's youth become the highly skilled workers we will need in the future.

The Stellar Group

Career Academies are a vital component of the workforce innovation that simply must occur. Recognizing students who participate in internships is an important way to help prepare us for the new global workforce.

Bryan Stone

“This academy is committed to an environment that nurtures students from high school to post-secondary or the work environment”.

Chief Robert A. Musco; Green Cove Springs Police Department

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