Welcome to Career Academies

Career Academies are unique ‘schools-within-schools’ offering personalized learning through career-related classes with focus on skill-sets for a chosen industry. Exciting opportunities for students offer them a chance to succeed academically while gaining valuable knowledge towards a lifetime career. Career Academies benefit students and employers alike, providing graduates advanced skills and their potential employers a capable, specialized workforce from which to hire. 

Why Career Academies

Students study all the basic courses AND get a skill they will keep for a lifetime... all while getting a head start on a career path. It''s like choosing a major... they can always change later, but national data shows that many young people stay in the same field for a long time. And Career Academy students go to college more often than other students.

Solid academics AND career skills… That''s what Career Academies are all about. Here in Northeast Florida, we are setting the pace for educators and business leaders across the US.

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Did You Know?

Career academies produced sustained earnings gains that averaged 11 more per year for Academy group members than for individuals in the non-Academy group).

Career Academies are helping students learn about the world of work. They also help businesses like ours develop the future workforce. Everyone should get involved - businesses, teachers, parents, students - to make sure today's youth become the highly skilled workers we will need in the future.

The Stellar Group

“The ALES was the main reason I wanted to go to school every day.  Once I graduated and attended the police academy I could not believe how much I already knew from all of my criminal justice classes.   I was better prepared and had set my goals for my career”. 

Bryant Wiggins, Former ALES Student, Current Clay County Deputy

“The Academy of Law and Emergency Services (ALES) created a supportive and personalized learning environment for my son. The curricula combined academic and occupation-related course requirements that showed Bryant the relevance of English, Math, and other academic classes that he was required to take."  

Parent of Academy of Law and Emergency Services Student